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    The Best Expired Domain Finder

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    Brought to you at a one time cost!

What is domainlord?

Domainlord is high-quality expired domains finder. It uses state of the art algorithms to crawl through the web and find expired domains which have linkbacks from high authority websites! If you are building your business or if you are building a pbn for your business; in both the cases, you should try Domainlord!

Fully Automated

Just provide the keyword, seed website or a competitor and Domainlord will do the rest for you

Domain Metrics

Wide range of Domain Metrics from Moz and Majestic APIs

Multiple modes

Three different modes of operations for different requirements.

Proxy Support

Full proxy support for better keyword harvesting. Proxies can be used for regular scraping too

Spam Detection

Powerful spam detection features to identify spammed out domains.

Web2.0 Finder

Ability to find web2.0 properties. You can set up your own platforms.

Filter Domains

Wide range of filters and tools to find the domains of your choice.

Recover Websites

Recovery module to recover websites from internet archives.

Fast & Efficient

Multi Threaded Software with ability to run multiple instances.

What Makes Domainlord Different?

Smart, Light and Adaptive

Simple and Intuitive UI to get you started faster!

There are three modes of operation to meet different requirements. You can use domainlord using seed websites, keywords or even your competitor websites.

Comprehensive Settings to give you full control!

Domainlord provides full control over your domain hunt. Settings are divided into 5 different sections for easy management. You can easily manage your proxies, API credentials, preferred web 2.0 websites, spam detection settings as well as regular preferences

Analysis & Filtering to save your time!

Domainlord provides full range of tools for filtering and sorting your results in an easy way. Using these tools you can easily filter your data using TLD, keywords as well as stats fields like DA and PA

Domain Management to identify real gems!

Domainlord allows you to fully manage the scraped expired domains. Using domain management tools, you can easily get domain stats, get spam history as well as recover domain using internet archives

Look No Further. Get Started Today!

Create your own Private Blog Networks (PBNs) easily, no more auctions headache, no wasting time for finding and buying expensive expired aged domains, Crawl unlimited expired domains with high speed.

$197 Only

(One time payment)

Domainlord is one-time purchase. It is not a monthly or yearly subscription. Domainlord comes with a single PC licence with one free licence reset per month. Software owners will be entitled with lifetime free upgrades of the application.

What people are saying about domainlord?

"Super impressive software, so easy to use and super efficient.
   Marketplace Modt

"Wow. This is what I am really looking for. Do you have any trial? Just want to test it first and if everything works fine, then I will surely get it.

"Looks awesome! Good luck with sales.
  Dead Joe

"I was a lucky beta-tester, the tool is working great as described, simple and very friendly interface.

"Smooth Software with options like Seed Websites, competitors, Keywords, Easy to use, no navigation mess

"Easy to install and run, leave it running in the background if you so choose..

"I have to say that, from the get-go, the software is incredibly easy to use, with an incredibly simple interface.

"Seems impressive, will get it soon.

"Great work Domain lord team. I have bought a domain lord license running 24*7 on My vps, working is so easy..

"The software is impressive and at first there was some minor improvements spotted by me.

"I have been testing this tool over my VPS from past 3 days and its pretty good. I won't say its the fastest but if you compare it with the scrapers which come with a monthly subscription then really worthy.

"If it was something that required a ton of updates by its nature, I would have been very skeptical to the one-time fee. But a tool like this does not require frequent updates. So, a one-time fee makes perfect sense.

"you can setup the scraper simply on a VPS, and some seed sites and let it go. in a short period of time you get good results. So overall pretty good software and very unique.